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NABH Accreditation Consultants

G Emergency Care Services provides guided nabh accreditation consultants in Jaipur to help achieve NABH accreditation certification for larger, medium, and small healthcare organizations. 

What is NABH Certification Programme?

NABH Certification Consultants in Rajasthan

What is NABH if you ask. National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers, abbreviated as NABH is India’s quality council that helps quality-seeker hospitals and healthcare providers for various accreditation programs.

Above all, NABH certification is important for hospitals to achieve. NABH accreditation hospitals are observed as the finest, most promising, and trusted in the eyes of patients seeking for quality health services. 

Additionally, to obtain NABH certification, authoritative acceptance is required. Thus, to obtain the NABH accreditation certificate contact us (7877247311), nabh consultant in jaipur. 

Types of NABH Certifications

NABH certifications are partially divided into four major accreditation programmes mentioned below.

Entry Level Healthcare Organization

Any hospital above 50 beds will come under the HCO category with standards having 10 chapters 45 standards & 167 objective elements.

NABH AYUSH Entry Level Certification

Many small scale AYUSH hospitals and other day care centers find difficulties to implement all the accreditation standards. Thus this programme is developed to help incorporate standards in the premises with several benefits.

HOPE Entry Level Certification

Created by QCI, this facilitate Healthcare Organizations Platform for Entry Level Certification (HOPE). The programme revamp the entry level certification process for HCO/SHCO.

ECHS & CGHS Empanelment

This programme is observed for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme under which cashless transactions for the patients and is financed by the Government of India.

Who Can Apply For NABH Accreditation?

Any Indian premises owned hospitals and healthcare organizations can apply for Entry Level Certification Programme. The general acknowledgement regarding obtaining the certification is explained below by GEmergency Care and Training Hospital nabh consultant.

  • HCO fall-in hospitals with more than 50 sanctioned beds.
  • SHCO observed hospitals having up to 50 sanctioned beds.
  • Central or State Government AYUSH.
  • NABH accredited AYUSH Hospital.
  • Teaching hospitals attached to AYUSH colleges.
  • Medical Laboratories deals in biological, microbiological, immunological, chemical, and others. 
  • Hospitals having a minimum of 25 operational beds, in addition to emergency beds.

To know more about this query, ask our nabh consultant experts for answers.

Benefits of NABH Certification

The hospital or any range of healthcare organizations having NABH certification enjoys the several critical advantages which are briefly described below.

  • NABH helps streamline all processes at one shot. It helps in legal fields, international expandation, obtaining assets, financial support from the government,and corporate tie-ups. 
  • NABH accredited hospitals are observed as a trusted and promisable healthcare service by patients both domestic and international.
  • Helps in advancement of hospital’s infrastructure, facilities, and other important subjects with the level of care and safety.
  • Facilitates in recognition and ratings for CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) and RSBY(Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana) etc. health plans promoted by State / Central Govt.
  • NABH certification helps the premises to deliver high-quality patient care along with safety assurance, and more.

Our NABH Consultancy Services

Preparing the Organization for NABH Accreditation

Implementing the NABH standards is important before applying to NABH. Our nabh consultants guide your organization to understand the standard and train your staff and implement it at your organization.

Filling Application process in NABH online application portal. ​

At this stage, nabh accreditation consultants help you in filling error-free applications with the simplest process ever. Once the hospital is ready for Application, nabh consultants in Jaipur shall assist you to fill the application as per the conduits given in the online application portal.

Implantation of NABH standard

In the meantime, your application gets checked and screened by portal representatives, we shall be guiding you to implement the latest nabh standards for hospitals by organizing chapter wise training of staff, along with other techniques. 

Desktop Assessment

Desktop Assessment of HCOs might be done on-line via net portal and mobile based application by using DA crew. DA group will enhance NCs and HCOs/SHCOs will have a targeted timeline to close all the non-compliances. The DA team will have to confirm all the replies inside a particular time period.

On Site Assessment

After closing non-compliance(s) generated at DA stage, HCOs will be moved to the next degree of on-website online evaluation accompanied through the assessment planning. On-Site Assessment may be executed by the assessor.

Support during Pre-Assessment of your organization

Our nabh consultancy services include pre-assessment support that acknowledge your staff with the atticates and other important aspects to be carried.

Final-Assessment of your organization​

During the Final Assessment, we will enlarge the entire evaluation guide from the backend. At the end of the assessment, our nabh accreditation consultants will guide you to make information evaluation report

Surveillance and Re-assessment

At the final stage, we shall do close observance just to ensure everything happens correctly. A full report will also submit with a detailed summary.

Looking for NABH Accreditation Services?

What is NABH Certification Programme?

New healthcare premises must apprehend the role of quality healthcare delivery and patient safety services in the boom of hospitals. A little causality in premises can affect the goodwill of the hospital and deviate trust from the public. They should choose NABH certification in Rajasthan.

We offer complete nabh consultancy offerings for obtaining NABH accreditation for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare premises. 

If your question is how to get nabh accreditation, we say contact us for complete assistance and guidance. We have helped more than 20+ clients to obtain nabh accreditation for small hospitals

We helped our clients to get Entry Level Certification Programme with nabh standards for hospitals and as per nabh accreditation guidelines.

FAQ's NABH Related Questions and Answers

NABH accreditation in hospitals means that your healthcare premises are getting help from the Quality council of India for any range of quality delivery to patients. To know why NABH is important, read the benefits of NABH accreditation

The NABH certificate can be obtained by filling the NABH accreditation form from the NABH website. You can take help of our nabh consultancy services for fast, reliable, and easy nabh certificate acquisition.

The objective of NABH is enhancing quality healthcare practices & delivering first-class care to patients with smiles and safety. NABH certification helps achieve all this in a simple manner.

NABH Standards has ten chapters incorporating eighty four requirements and 396 objective elements.

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